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Dried up river

Far away mountain


Red autumn

A small part of Årstaliden 2

A small part of Årstaliden 1

The mighty bush

Enter the forest

Early morning meadow

Misty forest

Crackling white

It´s starting to crack

Death of the black ice

Black Ice II

Black Ice I

We look at the arctic sky

(SOLD) Somewhere over there lyes rescue

Here it began

Running down the mountain wall

Thick ice

Arctic mirage (Given to DiabetesWellness) (SOLD)

Don´t go no further

Old ice


We are trapped

What was found in the cave

Unidentified human figure frozen in ice (SOLD)

Deep freeze (SOLD)

All across

It did not (SOLD)

By the coalmine

Sour square

Rotten land (SOLD)

Who did that?

Northern signs

What it used to be

Pink stripes

Nordic life

Frozen window

Colour abundance

In the army II

Yellow over yellow

In the army

Paint it white

It´s a pattern

Something with red

Green over yellow

Bottom bars (SOLD)

Stripes to the right

From side to side

Brown over Grey

It´s not scary

Grey and Green

Rainy Days (SOLD)


Blue and Torn

© 2017 Pontus Wåhlström

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